About Covel

At Covel, we pride ourselves on being a women-owned store that celebrates
women-owned brands. Our goal is to empower women and support their
entrepreneurial dreams, while delivering the highest quality of sustainable, soft, and
long-lasting products to our families.

About Me

I'm a mom in Arlington Heights, IL who has spent the last 10+ years working in corporate retail buying various kinds of products all the while still thinking about my dream to own my own store.

I wanted to create something that my daughter could watch me do. I want her to see me energized by my dream and driven to create something I love. It was inspiring to watch my parents own their own businesses; I hope to give her that same experience.  

Shop Covel | Covel is a woman-owned shop for babies and kids

Where does the name come from?

Covel is the name of the creek that runs through my family's farm.

Growing up, I would play make-believe that I owned various kinds of stores while playing on the farm.

Thank You for Shopping Small

This store looks different than I imagined, but it's actually better. 

Thank you for supporting my business, but more importantly, my dream.