At Covel, we pride ourselves on being a women-owned store that celebrates
women-owned brands. Our goal is to empower women and support their
entrepreneurial dreams, while delivering the highest quality of sustainable, soft, and
long-lasting products to our families.

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Style + Durability

What sets Covel apart from other sustainable, eco-friendly brands is our style and durability.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to ensure a perfect-fit with long-lasting quality.

This helps you get more life out of each purchase WITHOUT sacrificing style or

  • My son loved his shirt from you! He said "so soft Mom!"

  • Crazy fast delivery & it's soooooo soft! I love it! Thank you!

  • I absolutely love your clothes! Everything is so soft & details like the magnets make it so easy to dress my daughter!

  • My toddler will only sleep in your pajamas! I'll be ordering more.

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